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Kayaks & Canoes For Sale

Kayaks, Canoes, Paddles, PFDs, Safety Gear

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•Old Town Canoes  •Mad River Canoes  •Carlisle Paddles
•Harmony Paddles  •Werner Paddles
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Kayak and CampingWhy buy a new boat from us?

• Free night of camping

• Free 2 hour lesson

• 7% discount off MSRP

• Take out a demo boat in the best place to paddle on the East Coast

As a Necky and Old Town dealer, Old Quarry offers you the maximum discount off MSRP allowed by the manufacturer. With a 7% discount off MSRP, our prices are competitive if not better than other dealers.

Old Quarry Ocean Adventures is offering a free night of camping for 2 with us here at our ocean front campground and recreational facility when you buy a new boat from us. We will also give you a free 2 hour beginners lesson in our pond. Your free night of camping is redeemable anytime in the season of boat purchase, and you may swap the free lesson for an additional free night of camping if desired.

Take out a demo boat in our Stonington Maine outdoor recreational facility, arguably the most beautiful place to paddle on the East Coast! We have our own onsite demonstration pond and ocean launch sites for you to try out the boats. Our knowledgable factory trained staff are available to help you choose your boat.

Bottom line: You can not do any better than this!

Visit Old Quarry or follow the links below to the manufacturer's websites, choose your new boat, and contact Old Quarry for purchase.

Necky Kayaks

Recreation - Day Touring - Touring - Tandem - Whitewater


Wider, more stable designs with larger cockpits for easy entry and exit. Ideal for beginners or anyone seeking casual fun on the water.
Necky Recreation Kayaks

Day Touring:

Slightly longer kayaks for increased efficiency and speed. Perfect for beginning to intermediate paddlers who may want to spend more time on the water.
Necky Day Touring Kayaks


Longer and narrower kayaks for efficient long distance paddling. The choice for those intermediate to advanced paddlers who are continually challenging their kayaking skills.
Necky Touring Kayaks


The fun of solo kayaking, doubled. Models for recreational use, day touring and longer expeditions.
Necky Tandem Kayaks

Wilderness System Kayaks

Recreational - Angler - Touring - Sea Kayak


Stable and manageable, these kayaks don't sacrifice their exciting capabilities.
Wilderness System Recreational Kayaks


Sit on top kayaks rigged for the ultimate fishing experience.
Wilderness System Angler Kayaks


Both the stability of a recreational boat and the comfort, speed and tracking expected in a touring series.
Wilderness System Touring Kayaks

Sea Kayak:

Engineered for maneuverability and responsiveness.
Wilderness System Sea Kayaks

Perception Kayaks

Recreational - Touring - Sea Kayaking


Recreational kayaks offer speed, control and comfort you'd never expect, with the manageability and stability you do.
Perception Recreational Kayak


Designed for more performance, a tighter fit and more capacity than recreational kayaks.
Perception Touring Kayaks

Dagger Kayaks

Whitewater - Recreational & Touring


Top performing boats in freestyle, river running or creeking.
Dagger Whitewater Kayaks

Recreational & Touring:

Stability that's suitable for new paddlers, but with performance edging and turning capabilities for advanced skill levels.
Dagger Recreational and Touring Kayaks

Wave Sport Kayaks

Freestyle - River Play - River Run - Creeking


No rules. Only freestyle. Our freestyle boats are designed to release your full potential.
Wave Sport Freestyle Kayaks

River Play:

Expect the forgiveness of a river runner and the high-performance loose hull of a freestyle boat.
Wave Sport River Play Kayaks

River Run:

A boat that is made for the paddler who wants everything.
Wave Sport River Run Kayaks


A boat that's solid, comfortable, responsive and safe.
Wave Sport Creeking Kayaks

Old Town Kayaks

Recreation - Touring/Rec-Touring - Sporting - Tandem


User-friendly boats for those who want to get out on the water for fitness or a little family fun. Stable and maneuverable.
Old Town Recreation Kayaks


Designed for use by serious hunters and fishermen. Lightweight, extremely stable and loaded with specialized features and accessories.
Old Town Sporting Kayaks


Stable, maneuverable family fun boats designed for two people. Perfect for paddling with a companion on lakes, ponds and flat rivers.
Old Town Tandem Kayaks

Old Town Canoes

Classic Wood - General/Family - Tripping/Expedition - Sporting

Classic Wood:

Our heritage canoes are hand shaped on century-old cedar forms by artisan builders, using techniques handed down for more than 100 years.
Old Town Classic Wood Canoes


Versatile, stable and easy to handle canoes for all-around family fun.
Old Town Family Canoes

Mad River Canoes

Recreation - Versatile - Sporting - Touring - Tripping - Downriver - Whitewater


Easy paddling, multiple uses and virtually no upkeep make these the ultimate grab-and-go boats.
Mad River Recreation Canoes


The moderate rocker and durable material offer all-around performance with minimal compromise.
Mad River Versatile Canoes


A canoe that glides easily, accelerates quickly and that is easy to keep up to speed.
Mad River Touring Canoes


Uncompromised paddling efficiency and seaworthiness with emphasis on speed, capacity and durability.
Old Town Tandem Kayaks

Carlisle Paddles

Kayak - Canoe - Boating/Rafting - Accessories

Kayak Paddles:

Carbon Fiber Composite: really light and really strong.
Fiberglass: for a 'whippy' response and a more gentle flex.
Polypropylene/Nylon: a durable synthetic material perfect for heavy-duty use.
Old Town Classic Wood Canoes

Canoe Paddles:

Wood: transmits the feel of the water and flexes slightly to absorb shock.
Aluminum & High Impact Polypropylene: the high watermark for design and durability at a value price.
Carlisle Canoe Paddles

Boating/Rafting Oars:

Wood: retains warmth to keep your hands comfortable in cold weather.
Polypropylene/Nylon: durable synthetic material perfect for a rafting excursion.
Aluminum & High Impact Polypropylene: the peak of durability and value holds up under rugged use.
Old Town Expedition Canoes


Essentials, Rigging/Repair, Carrying/Portage, Fishing, Oar Accessories
Old Town Tandem Kayaks

Werner Paddles

Kayak - Canoe - Inflatable

Touring Paddles:

Low Angle, High Angle, Kids, Inflatable
Werner Touring Paddles

Kayak Fishing Paddles:

High Angle, Low Angle, Stand Up
Harmony Canoe Paddles

Stand Up Paddles:

Racing, Versatile Use, Surfing, Yoga, Whitewater, Small Fit, Kids, Inflatable
Werner Stand Up  Paddles

Whitewater Paddles:

River Running, Play Boating, Kids, Crossover, Inflatable
Werner Whitewater  Paddles

Coastal Play Paddles:

Rock Garden, Lumpy Waters
Werner Coastal Play  Paddles

Canoe Paddles:

Bandit Carbon, Raft Guide Stick, Nantahala, Luna
Werner Canoe  Paddles

Harmony Paddles

Kayak - Canoe

Kayak Paddles:

Sea Passage, Tortuga
Harmony Touring Paddles

Canoe Paddles:

Shadow, Vapor, Mistral, Whisper, Breeze
Harmony Canoe Paddles

Harmony PFDs, Safety Gear, Sprayskirts


A full range of sizes with different fits for all body types.
Harmony PFDs

Spray Skirts & Cockpit Covers:

Made of quality materials, including next generation fabric options, they stand up to the toughest conditions.
Harmony Sprayskirts and Cockpit Covers

Safety Gear & Equipment:

Paddle Floats, Throw Bags, Safety Kits, Sponson Kits, Whistles, Sea Kayak Pump, Paddle Leash, Chart Case
Harmony Safety Accessories

Extrasport PFDs, Outerwear, Safety Gear

Rescue - Kayak/Canoe - Fishing - Sailing - Youth - Pet - Outfitter - Tech Wear - Spray Skirts - Accessories

Rescue Products:

Swiftwater rescue PFDs for rescue crews, guides and instructors, law enforcement, professionals.
Extrasport Rescue Products

Canoe & Kayak PFDs:

Comfortable, durable and lightweight, our canoe and kayak PFDs are designed for maximum ease of movement while paddling.
Extrasport Kayak and Canoe PFDs

Fishing PFDs:

Kayak fishing presents unique demands, so we introduced a multitalented PFD to meet the challenge.
Extrasport Fishing PFDs

Sailing PFDs:

Our sleek, efficient sailing PFDs are preferred by world-class optimist sailors, Olympians and America's Cup contenders.
Extrasport Sailing PFDs

Youth PFDs:

A comfortable PFD is the key to getting your kids wearing one and enjoying water activities safely. Our children's PFDs are designed by weight range to make finding the right fit easy.
Extrasport Youth PFDs

Pet PFDs:

No matter how talented your dog is, it's a good idea to make safety a priority. Our deluxe dog PFD is designed for great floatation - and comfort for your canine.
Extrasport Pet PFDs

Livery/Outfitter PFDs:

Our jackets stand up to the rigors of the day-in, day-out use while providing comfort and safety.
Extrasport Outfitter PFDs


Paddle Bags, Throw Bags, Boat Cushions, Tows, Whistles
Extrasport Accessories

Used Boats For Sale

We sell our used boats year-round. You can put a non-refundable $100 deposit down anytime to reserve one of our boats. We sell our Wilderness System Tsunami kayaks, Necky Looksha tandem kayaks, and P&H kayaks. Included in the used boat package are a used spray skirt, paddle, and PFD.

Wetsuits & Drysuits & Kayaking Supplies

Old Quarry also sells kayaking supplies including wetsuits and drysuits in our campstore. Please visit us or contact Old Quarry Ocean Adventures directly to purchase or for more information.

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