What to Bring Paddleboarding

Print the checklist below for your convenience.

In general, please dress in layers and have plenty of sun protection.

    Sunglasses Available at Old Quarry
    Hat Available at Old Quarry
    Sunscreen Available at Old Quarry
    Non Cotton T-Shirt Available at Old Quarry
    Nylon Windbreaker Bring with you
    Fleece Pullover Bring with you
    Water Boots or Water Sandals Available at Old Quarry
    Non Cotton Shorts Bring with you
    Bathing Suit Bring with you
    Towel Bring with you
    Extra Clothing Bring with you

Early or Late Season Paddleboarding:

    Wet Suit or Dry Suit
(Suggested depending
on time of year)
Available (rent or buy) from Old Quarry

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